Barrington News



“We absolutely loved having a sneak preview of the Barrington Rose which is soon to be bottled and released in September.

It’s a very refreshing drop, with a lovely dry mouthfeel. It’s blush colour makes it even more appealing.

The whole team at Black Market will be stocking up on this beauty come the summer months.

Well done Barrington wines, a superb drop! “  Brittany - Blackmarket



Spring 2016!

With some warmer days mixed in with the usual Spring colder blasts, it's time to start preparations for the new season. We've been busy in the vineyard carrying out seasonal maintenance on the trellis, frost fighting and irrigation.

Some organic fertiliser has been spread to keep the vines happy and fed as we continue to strive for sustainable and organic practices at Barringtons. This should improve the flavour of our award winning wines even further!

With high wind levels and late rain, the weather last season was a bit of a challenge, so we're looking forward to a hopefully warm and dry year!